Top Beach Cities of the World

Miami Beach, Florida.

Since the early 20th century, Miami Beach has been one of America’s outstanding beach resorts. It is also the most favorite go-to beach of the famous models and TV personalities especially South Beach. Miami Beach offers an environment of city life and a beach destination at the same time. At the shore of Miami Beach, you can go swimming, surfing, jet skiing, and sunbathing. Hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes, and everything is just a short walk distance from the beach.

Nice, France.

Nice is wrap-around with beautiful beaches all along the Bay of Angels from the airport to the edge of Mont Boron. The beach is composed of smooth rocks which they call “gates”. So if you long for a sandy beach, Nice beaches are not for you. Centenaire and Magnan beaches are known for the galets. Although the government could replace these pebbles with sand, the locals are against it as they want to maintain the iconic galets in the seashore of the city’s beaches.

Honolulu, Hawaii.

Honolulu is best known for its fantastic beaches as its location is an island separated from the US mainland. Among the various beaches in the city, Waikiki Beach has been the most popular destination. However, people overcrowd the area making it hard to spot a place to lay down your towel. Other beaches include San Souci Beach, Diamond Head Beach which is known for windsurfing, surfing, and sunbathing, and Kahala Beach.

Cape Town, South Africa.

Although Africa is mostly known for its wildlife, sanctuaries, and safaris, it has also the most beautiful beaches in the world. From the trendy shores to the warmer salt waters, Cape Town beaches are the perfect destinations for beachgoers. Cape Town beaches coasts off their white sand beaches, blazing sunset, seaboards, and refreshing sea temperature. Bay Beach is the most favorite beach. Did you know that the Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town has been the home of a colony of African penguins?

Barcelona, Spain.

Not a fan of white sand or pebbled beaches? Well, try the Barcelona beaches. The city’s beaches are commonly known for its golden sand, not the typical white, black, or pebbled sand. Barceloneta Beach is the first on the list of the Barcelona beaches. During the summer months, expect a lot of people crowding by the seashore. However, it is not always a sunny day in Barcelona so try your luck visiting the city in good weather. Other beaches include Icària Beach, Marbella Beach, or the “Nudist Beach”, and the Sitges Beach.



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