10 Most Beautiful National Parks In The US. The United States of America

1: Yosemite National Park in California.

This National Park is spread wide across an area of 1,189 square miles and has earned a spot in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yosemite is visited by over 3.7 million visitors from all over the world who gather to see the many beautiful lakes, pond, streams and waterfalls and of course the natural wilderness which grasps you into its tempting profound There are also over 13 camping grounds in the park which are facilitated with tents, recreational vehicles, horse and facilities for group camping. Yosemite National Park is heaven on earth for those who love hiking and camping.

2: The Grand Canyon in Arizona.

When we speak of something big and beautiful in nature, then we have to mention about the Grand Canyon. The world-famous gorge which is a mile deep and 18 miles Many photographers have attempted to capture the beauty of this great natural beauty, but it is a daunting task to capture the entire valley. However, nothing matches the sheer beauty when you watch the canyon for yourself. You can simply stand at the edge and stare deep into the Colorado River lying way below. The river has cut across the Canyon revealing its many underneath layers which give us an idea as to how old the canyon truly is. The oldest of all rocks are pink and white granite which dates back to 1.8 billion years. The Canyon is visited by about five million people every year. You can either stare at the river from high above or the canyon from down below by rafting through the river. The most priceless experience is when you sleep beside the Riverside and stare at the stars above, the cold breeze will be a thousand times better than your cozy beads and expensive ACs.

3: Crystal Cove State Park in California.

Yet another blessing of nature in California in this 2400 acres widespread park which also has 2 miles long beach. You can enjoy the view of the sea and then ride through the park by renting a cottage sea-facing and then a jeep to go deep into the forest. The district of Crystal Clove was built in the late ’30s and ’40s with beautiful cottages and beachfront restaurants until then it was a completely deserted and natural habitat for many animals. Even today, if you are lucky enough, you can spot a few. This location is perfect for a family get together or a quick, adventurous trip with friends.

4: New York’s Central Park. And Of course,

Even the most beautiful national parks in the US cannot beat our beautiful Central Park. At all seasons it is our meet and greets Here you get to meet new people and talk to strangers who would otherwise be running around the make money or career. The park changes its colors as per the season. During summers the pond is used for paddling while the same pond freezes during winters and is used for ice skating. The park is spread across 3.41 sq km and this is what breathes life into the concrete jungle. You can enjoy the best view of Central Park by renting a cycle.

5: Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas.

Home to Golden Eagles, this national park offers about 80 miles of trails for a rich hiking experience. The park also has Guadalupe Peak which is the highest point in Texas and gives you the best view of the state. For hiking lovers, this park gives you enough challenge and adventure to remember for a lifetime. Visitors can also visit the information center at the Pine Springs which gives you detailed info on the park.

6: Hawai’i Volcanoes in Hawaii.

One of the world’s most active volcanic spot shows you exactly how land is formed. The two active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa attract tourists from all around the world, but no one dares to get close. This park stretches from the south coastline fringe of Hilo to Mauna Loa which is a daring 13,677 ft summit. This is also the home of Pele, nope not the football player, but the fire goddess of Hawaii. The yellow burning lava flows for another 12 miles east till the end of Chain of Craters Road. Thanks to the active volcano, about 500 acres of rich fertile new land have been added to the city.

7: Big Bend National Park.

Yet another Texan park, but sadly not a much popular one. The park is located on the Rio Grande and is spread over 800 thousand acres. The park has a line of deep cliffs that are as deep as 1000 feet. The altitudes in the Park range from anywhere between 1,870 feet and 7,875 feet. The park also has a valley that separates the US and Mexico. The unappreciated park gets only 300-350 thousand visitors annually.  The park is also filled with natural biodiversity.

8: Denali in Alaska.

This is the best park to explore the wildlife and subarctic wilderness in its original setting. Only one road has been constructed which is not allowed for cars beyond the 15th From here onwards everyone has to board the shuttle bus. The 20,320 ft Mount McKinley which is North America’s tallest mountain is located at this park.  Keep your eyes open and do not miss the ‘big five’ found in the park, namely the Moose, Caribou, Sheep, Wolf, and the cinnamon color Toklat Grizzlies. Finally, when you have enjoyed watching enough of wilderness, you are welcomed by the Wonder Lake, soothing, still, and clear.

9: Olympic in Washington.

For hundreds of years, the park’s mountain, rain forests, and coastline have remained untouched and remain in their original form.  The star in the park, however, is Mount Olympus which is named after the British trader who was so amazed by the view of the sunset that he was sure that this is where the gods live. This single park has snow-capped mountains, rivers, waterfalls, meadows, and trout filled lakes. The best view of the park can be seen from the hurricane ridge which is 5,200 feet high.

10: The Arches of Utah.

Visiting this park might seem familiar to you. This is because of the more than 2000 sandstone arches which have been featured in popular Hollywood movies like Indiana Jones and Thelma & Louise. The park is known for these natural arches, the best of which is the iconic red rock structure which looks similar to the setting sun.

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