Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Ship OASIS of The Seas

we’re on our way to Cozumel Mexico on day six of our seven-day Western Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean on the beautiful Oasis of the scene this ship is absolutely incredible in fact. it’s so big it’s hard to even fathom that you’re on a ship you don’t have hardly any sensation of motion this ship is eleven hundred and eighty six feet long it is 17 stories tall although there’s not a thirteenth deck apparently there’s this maritime folklore where if you have a 13 deck on a ship it’s bad luck so they just literally skip from 12 to 14 the ship is 216 feet wide at its widest point it drafts 30 feet in the water capable as close to 30 miles an hour there’s tons of stuff to do great stuff for kids we’ve seen more kids on this cruise than we have in previous trip. I’ll take you through the ship and show you this amazing place I’m starting up here on the 16th floor and this is the solarium this is an adult’s only area in the front of the ship has a restaurant in the bar beautiful hot tub.

it’s really wonderful in here at night, it’s very quiet a great place to come and hang out. solarium it’s basically just this walking path that goes all the way around the ship there’s two main elevator towers one towards the front one towards the back and the back has private cabins up on the 17th floor and then the Windjammer marketplace is on the 16th floor in that back Tower,  there and I’m standing here next to the top of these hot tubs that actually hang out over the edge of the ship will they’re on deck 15.

holder on deck 15 that’s a nice nice review of the pools from up here great places to sit and hang out usually live. Happens underneath that awning in the afternoon so this is the Windjammermarketplace is where you can eat breakfast and lunch it’s kind of a face style lots of fresh fruits smoked fish salmon bagels milk and towards the back of the Windjammer cafe there’s a great.


View over the port zone basketball courts lowriders love golf and of course looking through the back of the ship leaving the Windjammer marketplace on deck 16 let’s go down to deck 50 Tech 15 is primarily the pool deck we have kids pools towards the middle of the ship.  that also sort of the front end and obviously the solarium all the way in the front let’s go to the back of the ship here’s the patty dive center where, you can sign up for diving courses and also rent or buy snorkel equipment let’s check out the SportsZone is packed full of fun lots of stuff to do here just a great great place to come and hang out nine hole putt golf course.  leaving the putt-putt area we have two pods that are full of ping pong tables,  just behind the ping pong table there’s a area to hangout for team 12 to 17 only also this lounge right here it’s 14 say some time due to exercise classes in there which is looks like what’s going on right now all this behind the exercise area there it’s a view of the back of the ship.


This is overlooking the boardwalk there’s a carousel down there little hotdog plays Johnny Rockets and ice cream shop a bar and then obviously the aqua theater where the aqua shows are absolutely incredible at night with divers diving into that large pool that actually transforms from a fool into a stage also up here on deck 15 outside the starboard side of the ship.

Another ping-pong area and also this little wipeout cafe which is a nice place to come and eat also they have ice cream in here in the ass and walking on the starboard side here,

Next to the basketball court and overlooking the boardwalk let’s walk up towards the back of the ship to see the Flow Rider, oh yeah we got flow riders also can’t forget these zip line they’re very conscious of safety standing at the very back of the ship .

We got the wipeout bar and we’ve got two Flow Rider surf simulators one on the starboard side is for boogie boarding and the one on the port side is for surfing

So we came down a floor we’re towards the back of the ship looking forward so the starboard is on the right port is on the left and I’m in the elevator tower towards the back of the ship I can see down to deck eight and that is where Central Park is we’ll get to that in a little bit but I want to show you on 14 most of 14 is state level but if you come over to the port side and go all the way down the hall to the end there’s something called the sky deck did I say sky deck I meant Sun Deck.

Welcome to the Sun Deck let’s check it out it’s up here you can get a sense of just how wide this ship is remember just above us I’m back 15 and 16 is solarium just down in front of it you have to access it from this one door on the fourth side on deck 14 they have these little lookout towers will actually be just above the bridge now so now I’m on the front power of the ship.  Facing backwards on deck 14 and I’m looking down two decades over Central Park but we were just at the Sun Deck and if we came in from the port side we’re now in the front of the ship this is where adventure ocean is now although we’ve enjoyed being on this cruise without our kids and having just mommy and daddy time couldn’t help but look at this place and think that our kids would find it very entertaining adventure ocean is divided up into different ages science classes and the great instructors in here here’s nine-to-eleven voyagers kids game have these helpful monitors on each deck to let you know where you are so I’m in the forward elevator tower and I came down to deck 8 because honestly between decks 9 and 12 it’s primarily stave them what I want to do is take you into Central Park apparently there’s 14,000 living.

Plants in here and most of the premium restaurants are in Central Park as well the pay extra restaurants are here in Central Park but there is this Park Cafe they have really light sandwiches and you need breakfast here just towards the back of Central Park is the rising tide bar this bar goes up and down and will go down to the promenade deck below this dazzles nightclub and there’s live music in live band kuroky and variety of different events in here and evening kind of overlooking the back of the ship deck 7 is primarily stateroom I’m in the back of the ship.

Looking forward on deck 6 here’s the schooner Bar photo area and you can overlook the promenade deck down on deck 5 and there is a rising tide bar that we were just in on deck 8 that goes from 8 down to 5,

Back in the boardwalk on deck stick standing here by Johnny Rockets you’ve got Sabre or additional charge sort of a Mexican diner arcade hot dog stand ice-cream sundaes and some shopping back here coming all the way to the back on deck 6 so obviously the Aqua Theatre the awaits is a Dreamz aqua dive show is back here which is incredible they also have outdoor movies and I know the belly flop competition is this afternoon looking forward to that there’s also how you access the rock climbing wall there’s two rock climbing walls in the back of the ship supports one on the starboard side and you access those from the sixth floor the view looking forward on deck 6 so just down from deck 6 one floor on deck 5 all around the whole outside of the ship is the running and walking track is a great place to come and burn off some of the calories that you put on while you’re eating like kings and queens two point four laps is one mile just inside in the back Tower of the ship on Deck five is the entrance to the upper main dining room the main dining.

Room is basically on deck three four and five towards the back of the ship and just before or in front of the main dining room is the Royal promenade so in the Royal promenade moving from the back towards the front and standing just underneath that rising tide bar and looking across is the Cafe promenade this is a place that’s open 24 hours for snack coffee tea little sandwiches and that food is included in your truths they’re also on the promenade back you’ve got Sorrento’s kita my wife is gluten-free and celiac disease and they have a dedicated gluten-free oven and even made her a gluten-free pizza which is amazing.

So leaving the Royal promenade on the front of the ship on Deck five is the entrance to the Opel Theatre as I mentioned Sun Deck five and deck four and I forgot to mention up on deck six towards the front of the ship is the vitality at the spa is an entrance off the front of the running track for the spa we haven’t really spent much time in there there’s an extra charge for spa services but there’s a whole lot to do in there if you’re into that sort of thing so now I’m down on deck for front of the ship is the additional entrance to the Opel Theatre in the front where a lot of the main shows are headliner show and so on facing back deck four is kind of the theatre entertainment deck so you’ve got the Opel heater towards the front moving towards the back you’ve got the blaze nightclub jazz on for the comedy club which we were unable to get into it was simply too booked up got a plan ahead if you’re going to go see a comedy show book your times early on line and then Studio B in fact today in Studio B you can sign up for ice skating.

They transform this theater into a frozen in time theater which is an ice-skating show that’s it’s really beautiful to watch a lot of talent on board the ship.

Well I just came out of casino royale’ towards the back of a ship on Dec 4 and here’s the grand restaurant which is essentially Dec Flora’s version of the main dining room also towards the back of the ship on the port side is Azumi a bocce and sushi fun restaurant with the premium charge and moving down to deck three again towards the back of the ship the American icon grill which is Dec 3 version of the main dining room then that door is basically the gangway so, when we get off the ship at port that door opens and there’s an escalator that goes down to the little gangway that’s why you to get off the ship!

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